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  United Kingdom
  • ukcouple2017

  • Occupation:
  • Interests: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Gender: Heterosexual Couple
  • Date of Birth: 1966
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: No
  • Height:
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: High School
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Country of Residence: United Kingdom
  • State or Region:
  • City or Town:
  • Date joined: 2017-03-15
  • Last visited: You must be a subscriber to view this information.
  • Available for Dating: No


We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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Voyeuristic pleasures - Part five


Every bit of my body tingled with nervous anticipation. After I'd sent my husband out of the room I was tempted to turn on my vibrator and slip it into my wet pussy I was so desperate to cum. Instead I had a vodka from the mini bar and squeezed into my little black dress. One last check in the full length mirror and I was ready to go. The bar was just across the road from our hotel. I looked around as I walked in but didn't acknowledge my husband as he raised his eyebrows, indicating he'd seen me. This was perfect - busy but not packed, a great atmosphere and some hot looking guys at the bar. I approached the bar and brushed a young fellas arm with mine. I was inches from him when i ordered a large glass of white  wine. Now to cast the bait! "I'm so embarrassed", I said to the barman as I frantically searched my handbag, "I was convinced  I'd brought my bank card." Immediate bite! "Let me pay for that". I was appropriately grateful and squeezed his hand. Let the flirting begin! Carl was 38 and was on a stag night with his friends. Most of them played rugby together. I told him he was the most handsome and he asked me what a sexy lady was doing out on her own. "I'm waiting for my husband. He's up here on business and we're stopping in the hotel across the road. He's running late so I've got a couple of hours to play with." "Let me buy you another drink", said Carl before I excused myself and went to the toilet. Time to text my husband - GO TO OUR ROOM AND HIDE IN THE WARDROBE AT THE END IF THE BED. LOVE FROM YOUR SLUT X


I opened the text with shaking hands. My wife never ceased to amaze me. It had taken her less than ***** minutes to pull a bloke around 20 years younger than her. As I sat watching her I was becoming increasingly turned on. She looked amazingly sexy to me but I was biased, it looked as though she had gained a new fan though with this guy. He responded to every touch of his arm, his smile seemed to signal a desire for her. He was desperate to please and flashed his white teeth in a broad grin at every opportunity. I had guessed that my girl would home in on him. He was tall, dark and muscular. White shirt, tight black trousers, all her boxes were ticked. I gave them a wide berth as I left the bar. Time for me to hide in the wardrobe.

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part four


My husband laid on the bed watching me with intent. I sat cross legged at the dressing table wearing my stockings, heels and underwear. My hair was washed, dried and straightened and I was applying my make-up. Green eyeshadow sat above thick black mascara and I pursed my lips to meet the tube of red lipstick - the lipstick of choice when I sucked cock. I could see in the mirror that my man had a hard on. His dick was bulging in his trousers. He had laughed nervously after he spoke when we had entered the room but I'd sensed that he was serious when he'd said, "Dress up to go out on the pull. And don't forget I'll be watching you dirty girl." I was nervous at the prospect but intrigued to a point where I was seriously considering playing along. I decided to take control. "Ok then, wait on the bed while I shower and when I come out you're going to watch me prepare myself, not for you though, for another man. Ten minutes before I'm ready you're going to leave the hotel. Get yourself a drink and a seat with a good view in the bar across the road. Don't talk to me in the bar and no phone calls or messages. When I go to the toilet check your phone because I'll be texting you." This was so exciting. I had a plan in my mind, a very naughty plan. If my man wanted me to act like a slag then that's exactly what I was going to do.


My mind was in overdrive. My girl was playing along and my cick was aching for her sweet pussy. I watched every move as she gazed into the mirror and applied her make-up with precise skill. Would those red lips engulf a lucky strangers cock soon? Would she be moaning with pleasure as her smooth white ass was pounded from behind? Were those shapely stockinged legs going to be around some man's head as he thrust his tongue up her. She appeared to be really buying into this fantasy but how far would she go? "Ok, I'm nearly ready now" she said, "Go to the bar across the street and wait in there. You know the rules. Before you go I need you to fasten my suspender belt so I can slip my dress on." She bent over and my shaking hands helped her out. I wondered again if there was a lucky stranger out there who was going to be using my woman soon. Whoever it was he was in for one hell of a time 

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part three


My husband placed another glass of wine in front of me. I sat cross legged on the high bar stool about the yards from the bar which was getting busier by the minute. My man's dream had made me wet and the wine was making me feel mischievous. I was aware that the guy on the next table was listening and kept glancing at me while he pretended to read his newspaper. At intervals throughout my guys story I would offer verbal encouragement for him to carry on as well as leaning forwards to stroke the top of his leg. The stranger on the next table nearly spilt his drink at one point when I said to my husband "Don't be shy, tell me what I did with that strangers cock." I wondered if my guy was going to take me upstairs and shove his hard cock in me or if he really did have other plans for me.


I watched my wife for her reactions as I told her about my dream. She smiled non commitedly as I began to describe how I watched from a distance her outrageous flirting. She started to ask questions as I told her how she was stroking their cheeks, rubbing their arms and putting her hands on them at every opportunity. "Describe them" she had said (slightly too loudly), "mmm I like the sound of them." We were both aware that the guy on the next table could hear us and I described in detail how I felt as she kissed one of the guys. I told her how his friend had held her hips from behind as she used her hands to pull him into her so their lips met. Then I told her how hard I was as she turned around to the other guy and put her tongue in his mouth. We were both turned on to the point of desperation now but I still had a proposal to make. I decided we would take our cases to the room before I would ask her...

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part two


I was full of excitement and anticipation now that I was with my man. He had arrived home to my open arms and I'd given him a long passionate kiss. I was a little disappointed that he'd not sunk to his knees, moved my thong and licked my clit as soon as he saw me. Maybe he was waiting until we got to the hotel room but I couldn't help feeling that he had something on his mind. We had spent the short car journey chatting away, catching up with all the news about family and friends and we were now in the hotel bar having arrived half an hour before check in. We sat on two tall stools close to the bar. Maybe it was because we'd had a couple of drinks but my husband had started to put his hand on my leg more frequently and he seemed to be moving closer to the top of my dress. It became apparent what was on his mind when he told me about a dream that he'd had. "I just can't stop thinking about it" he said, "I was watching you from a seat in a public bar and you were flirting with these strangers...."


She looked hot enough to fuck there and then when I walked through the door and she greeted me with a long kiss. 'Not yet I had told myself, 'I have a filthy fantasy to fulfill'. I kept trying to choose the moment to bring it up in the car but it just never felt like the right time. We had exchanged the usual chatter but my mind was elsewhere. I'd become so desperate to see my gorgeous girl with another guy that I was unsure how I'd feel if she didn't want to play along. Now in the hotel bar I had plucked up the courage to bring it up. I was already aroused as I had caught the young barman staring at my girls legs as she was sat on the stool. My hand was creeping up her leg showing him what it was like to touch her smooth skin. I decided not to ask outright but to test the water by telling my wife what I had dreamed about. "I was watching you from a seat in a public bar and you were flirting with these strangers..."

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part one

 My husband booked us a Saturday night in a city centre hotel. Here is our story - told from both perspectives.


I couldn't wait for our weekend to start. My husband had been working away and he had booked a night in a top class hotel in the city for us. I'd not seen him all week and I was desperate for him to hug me, kiss me and enter me. I'd been horny all week and my sex toys had been used over and over again. It was now midday and he was due home at 3pm and then we were leaving an hour later. The case was packed and I just needed to get ready. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided on my short dress and flat shoes to travel in. I thought about my guy as I applied my make up. He loved watching me put on my eye shadow and make up. We had a private joke going with one particular lipstick - it meant that I was getting ready to suck cock! I wonder what the plan was for later...


Just an hour from home now. At last I could relax and allow my mind to think about our weekend. Not seeing my girl had made me incredibly horny all week. Wanking each night couldn't surpress the raging desire. I could quite easily walk through the door and bend my wife over the kitchen table, slip her panties of her smooth white ass and push my hard cock up her. I needed to calm down because I'd got a plan in my head for when we reached the hotel. It came to me in a dream last night. I was sat in a bar watching my girl enjoying the attention of a group of men. She was flirting outrageously and was loving the fact that she had them captivated. I decided to tell her about this while I was driving us to the hotel. If she liked the story then maybe she'd make the fantasy a reality.

Sex with our yuvutu friend - final part

 Dino had shot his load deep inside me but I wanted more. My insatiable appetite for sex had not yet been fed. Dino helped me unstraddle my guy who got up. I laid on the bed with my legs wide open and a grin on my face. "Who wants feeding?" I said as I opened my pussy lips with my fingers.

"Come on Dino, feed on me. There's plenty for you both. My Italian boyfriend began to grow again. He quickly put his head between my legs and began to lap up our mixture of cum juices. Occasionally he spooned the cum onto the tip of his tongue and worked it into my hardened clit with a skilful rotation of the tongue. My husband was rock hard and desperate for my cum filled hole to embrace his cock.

I told Dino to let my husband have a feed and he got up and stood to one side. "Get that tongue deep inside me sweetie. Dino, hold my ankles and spread my legs really wide." The guys were in the palm of my hand and I felt empowered to know I could ask them for anything right now.

I told my Italian stud to kneel on the bed and my husband to lay down. I couldn't continue to tease my love any longer. Could I?

I slowly made my way up my husband's body, using my hands to massage his legs and hips. I sat astride of him just below his throbbing dick and leaned to his right. My hands cupped Dino's balls and I dribbled on the tip of his huge length. My mouth opened to engulf as much of his penis as I could manage and my head moved up and down slowly as he throbbed with excitement. My husband lifted my hips up and moved me on to his erect penis. Wow this was amazing! I bounced up and down on my man and we all moved rhythmically to our enivitable climax. Seconds after warm spunk hit the back of my throat I orgasmed with my guy. We all collapsed on the bed with smiles from ear to ear.

The rest of the night was all a blur to me. I allowed the guys to use me as and when they wanted. At times I didn't know which one of them was fucking me, fingering me or whose tongue was up my arse or pussy! 

When I woke the next morning I looked around and there was just one male torso... my husband. I crept to the bathroom and spotted some paper on the dressing table. It was a note from our friend;


I smiled because I already knew my answer.....

It was 'No' x

2sharemybbwfantasy said:
Thanks, glad you like our photos, you guys are also sharing really hot
pics too. Take care.
baldy1960 said:
Thanks for inviting me to be a friend
zirvania said:
Thanks for the comment on my vid, yours are great
cjcjcj1980m said:
Very nice blog!! The lifestyle is not for everyone, but we have been
in it for over 40 years and it work great for us! Met some wonderful
men over the years and made lots of lasting friendships!!
mrnmrsfreak said:
Well aren't you two just a sexy pair of horndogs. Lovely set of
vids, keep it up.
tyrepilot said:
Where abouts are you? Keen t join your (our) fantasies/desires/wishes
wwver2 said:
Great blog - enjoyed a few of your entries, and will definitely have
to enjoy the rest :)
james9999 said:
Love all the blogs, what a wonderful turn on you are, its all so sexy
just like you xx
anyhole said:
Tnx for excepting great galleries
HornyJohn49 said:
Great video and lovely pics. Very sexy body
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