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  • horny50

  • Occupation: Health & Safety
  • Interests:
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: February 1953
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Height: 185 cm 6 ft 1 in
  • Body Type: Large



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  •   15K
  •  28/01/09
  •  86%
 - Great Cum
  •   30K
  •  07/10/08
  •  88%
  •   39K
  •  27/08/08
  •  84%
 - Pussy Probe 2
  •   13K
  •  13/07/08
  •  83%
 - Pussy Probe
  •   11K
  •  10/07/08
  •  82%

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  •   3K
  •  07/09/09
  •  96%
  •   3K
  •  02/06/09
  •  92%
  •   5K
  •  30/12/08
  •  92%
  •   4K
  •  18/10/08
  •  93%

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"Beeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength,while loving someone deeply gives you courage."..I got both"

As a matter of interest i wonder have any one ever did a poll rating on this wonderful site...as a man who lives here ...lol...i have compiled a set of my favourites....some wonderful to my critical eye....perhaps viewers would care to visit my favourites and have comments as to my choice...perhaps its the female side coming out in me but ...i have favoured those that clearly sho proper attention to the female sexual organs....there are far too many wham bam thank you mam guys on here...nice to see them paying attention to the clitoris and breasts...thats just my idle thinking...your comments would be appreciated
spennyd said:
Thank you for lovely comments 
blackharddragon said:
Thank you for liking the video
blackharddragon said:
Thanks for the comment my friend
yomiro said:
gracias por el comentario del video, a mi tambien me encanta verla
como se la cogen a mi hija
jillsuckscock said:
Thanks for stopping bi to enjoy our vids. Enjoy ;)~
drandall said:
Thanks for watching and the comment. I made it friends only at least
for a while. It was from an older tape and I thought it came out
pretty good. But I don't think it's 69%. Many of us hate
the ratings there are people going through and put dislike on almost
all the first couple of pages. I've seen a whole page suddenly
drop from 15 to 35% in a couple of hours. I think subscribers and
maybe registered people should should be voting.
drandall said:
Thanks for watching. I really enjoy fucking her mouth until I cum,
filming the event and having her totally displayed and exposed. I
hope to make new videos soon. I want her to look more right at the
camera and not be shy.
drandall said:
Thanks so much for watching and commenting.
drandall said:
Will you make any new videos?
hippywayne1969 said:
thanks for comment on my vid
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  • victor2402
  •   France
      62 years old
  • chasmcb
  •   Ireland
      57 years old
  •   2K
  •   03/02/10
  •   93%
  •   2K
  •   12/01/10
  •   93%
  •   2K
  •   30/09/08
  •   93%
  •   2K
  •   29/09/08
  •   93%
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